Things Should Know About League Of Legends

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What is League of Legends?

It is a multiplayer online GameMite in which as soon as you start, your child chooses a character (called "champion" ) that has unique abilities.The game also requires a fast internet connection. As for the game modes, as we have already mentioned, the players (called "Summoners" ) face each other divided into 2 teams of 3 or 5 players each , depending on whether the game mode is 3 vs 3 in the battlefield The Twisted Forest or 5 vs 5 in the fields The Abyss of Laments and The Summoner's Rift , the latter being the most famous. And now you may wonder, what are the battlefields? As explained on the official website , League of Legends has different maps to compete on and useful reference.

These battlefields, or "Fields of Justice" have different terrain, objectives and victory conditions , as well as various summoner's objects and spells. The battlefields are divided into two main game modes: Classic and Dominion . In the classic game mode, the objective is to destroy the enemy's nexus while defending itself. In a Dominion match, most map capture points must be earned to deal damage to the enemy nexus.

Riot Games (the developer of the game) occasionally offers game modes with limited time . This means that they can only be played for a week or two before they disappear.When this happens, your children probably won't take off from the game., since they will not be able to play this mode once they have removed it. And it should be noted that League of Legends has no parental control.

Quick guide to understand League of Legends.

It is an online GameMite: This means that if the Internet connection fails or slows down, it will significantly influence your child's departure (and believe us it will affect his mood, he will probably give some insufferable answers when he discovers he is losing because of this) . Also, being an online game you cannot stop the game. If you don't want to argue, you better ask him to do things before or after playing.

Duration of the game: This depends on the game mode, but it is most likely that the game lasts between 25 and 45 minutes. It is true that it can be shortened to about 20 or lengthened to an hour and a half. (Of course, if the players propose it, the game can be infinite, but in general, one of the two teams wins in the time we have indicated).

It doesn't cost money: League of Legends is free, or in other words it is freeplay . It does not cost a euro, and your child can reach the highest levels of the game without spending. However, Riot Games allows players to spend real money to buy Riot Points. Riot Points are redeemable for special costumes for the characters. Although the prices of these vary, some are available for about 975 Riot Points, which in exchange would be like about 8 euros.

Some of the costumes are sexually explicit:The League of Legends target are men, so you should know that most of the costumes worn by female characters border on the suggestive. The necklines of infarction, for example, are a regular in the art of play. As for the male characters, they have muscles of an unlikely nature. If your child has enough maturity to play this, you should also have it to face a conversation about the objectification of women in this type of games and unrealistic body standards.

Your child can play with friends but also with strangers:Being a multiplayer game in which participation is in teams, League of Legends allows the child to play with his friends or siblings. However, each person needs their own computer to play. At most, each team has 5 people. Now, unless the child has a very large social circle, he will end up playing with strangers. While the game does not implicitly use a system that encourages the exchange of personal data, it is important that your child understand the basic security of the Internet while chatting with others.

The chat has little filter:The secret to success in League of Legends is to communicate and work as a team. For that reason, the game has an internal chat that allows your child to communicate are his other "invoking" companions. While the chat is enabled to not allow words that are raised, and the child can silence or ignore players through it, this does not prevent children from interacting with strangers.

The GameMite is ideal for learning to work in a team: Each League of Legends mode requires working in groups to win. Communication with peers and the debate about what strategy to follow in the Field of Justice is essential to win. This will help the child develop skills such as critical thinking of their child or participate successfully as part of a team. LoL is considered an

eSport: As we already explained in this article by Educo , "eSports are professional video game competitions that are held approximately every two weeks, and that thousands of fans (perhaps, among them, your son) follow through services like YouTube and Twitch . " League of Legends is one of the most popular in this area and it is possible that the child not only plays regularly but also sees professional games.

You can also play League of Legends:Many of the players in this video game are adults. You can be one of them! Learning to play will give you a better idea of ​​what your child is playing and you will have a golden opportunity to establish a greater bond with the child by being interested in one of his hobbies. You can even ask him for advice to improve. Surely he is happy to give it to you.

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